Entomologica Fennica

Abstracts of Volume 3 Number 4, 1992

L. Kaila 1992: The Elachistidae of Southern Siberia and Central-Asia, with descriptions of 5 new species (Lepidoptera). - Entomologica Fennica 3: 177-194.

The Elachistidae material collected during the joint Soviet- Finnish entomological expeditions to the Altai mountains, Baikal region and Tianshan mountains of the previous USSR is listed. Previous literature dealing with the Elachistidae in Central Asia is reviewed. A total of 40 species are dealt with, including descriptions of five new species: Stephensia jalmarella sp. n. (Altai), Elachista baikalica sp. n. (Baikal), E. talgarella sp. n. (southern Kazakhstan), E. esmeralda sp. n. (southern Kazakhstan) and E. filicornella sp. n. (southern Kazakhstan). The previously unknown females of E. bimaculata Parenti, 1981 and Biselachista zonulae Sruoga, 1992 are described.

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