Entomologica Fennica

Abstracts of Volume 5 Number 1, 1995

D. Povolny 1994: New Taxa and Records of Gnorimoschema Busck and Gobipalpa Povolny From Palearctic Asia (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae). - Entomologica Fennica 5: 57-64.

New taxa: Gnorimoschema jalavai sp. n. from the Altai Mountains, G. mikkolai sp. n. from the Upper Kolyma River, and G. epithymellum kirgisicum ssp. n. from Kirgisia. The previously unknown female of Gobipalpa inexpectata Povolny, 1973 is described. New distributional records: Gobipalpa inexpectata and Gnorimoschema epithymellum (Staudinger, 1857) from Kirgisia, Gnorimoschema antiquum montanum Povolny, 1966, from Kazakhstan, Gnorimoschema nordlandicolellum (Strand, 1902), from Kirgisia and Irkutsk, and Gnorimoschema herbichi kamchaticum Povolny, 1977 from the Anadyr valley in the Chukchi area in Northeastern Siberia (northernmost record of Gnorimoschemini).

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