Entomologica Fennica

Abstracts of Volume 7 Number 2, 1996

M. V. Kozlov 1996: Incurvariidae and Prodoxidae (Lepidoptera) from Siberia and the Russian Far East, with descriptions of two new species. - Entomologica Fennica 7: 55-62.

The Incurvariidae and Prodoxidae of eastern Russia total 19 species in eight genera. Phylloporia bistrigella (Haworth), now reported from Yukon, is tentatively included in the list, although it has not yet been discovered in the Eastern Palaearctic. Four species previously known only from Europe, Incurvaria vetulella (Zetterstedt), I. circulella (Zetterstedt), Lampronia luzella (Hubner), and L. provectella (Heyden) are reported from Siberia; Incurvaria kivatshella Kutenkova is synonymized with I. vetulella. Lampronia sakhalinella sp. n. is described from Sakhalin. L. altaica Zagulajev is reported from North Korea; the female postabdomen and genitalia of this species are described and figured. The genus Greya Busck, previously known only from North America, is reported from the Palaearctic, with G. variabilis Davis & Pellmyr and G. kononenkoi sp. n. recorded from the Chukchi Peninsula, and G. marginimaculata (Issiki) comb. n. originally described from Japan is expected from the Russian Far East. Among the nine species not known from Europe, one species is reported from Altai only; two show a Beringian distribution; six species are associated with the southern areas of the Far East and Japan, and one is distributed from the Irkutsk region to Sakhalin and Primorye.

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