Entomologica Fennica

Abstracts of Volume 10 Number 3, 1999

K. Nupponen & T. Nupponen 1999: Scythris saarelai sp n. from southern Spain and further records of Scythris mariannae Bengtsson, 1991 with a new synonym (Lepidoptera : Scythrididae). - Entomologica Fennica 10: 161-166.

Scythris saarelai sp. n. is described from southern Spain. Three males and two females were collected by net in late March and early April 1998 on hot, dry slopes in two different localities. The small, dark moth is difficult to separate from many other scythridids without examining the genitalia. Three further specimens (2 male male, 1 female) of Scythris mariannae Bengtsson, 1991, a species previously known only by the male holotype, were found in Spain, prov. Malaga. The external appearance of these specimens differs from the habitus of the holotype. However, the male genitalia are identical. The examination of the female genitalia was showed that Scythris annae Bengtsson, 1997 syn. n. is a junior synonym of S. mariannae.

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