Entomologica Fennica

Abstracts of Volume 14 Number 2, 2003

Kaila, L., Nupponen, K., Junnilainen, J., Nupponen, T., Kaitila, J.-P. & Olschwang, V. 2003: Contribution to the fauna of Elachistidae (Lepidoptera) of the Southern Ural Mountains. - Entomol. Fennica 14: 6590.

The Elachistidae fauna of the southern Ural area, Russia, is outlined. A total of 51 species are listed, four of which remain unidentified to species level. Six species are described as new: Elachista (Aphelosetia) olschwangi Kaila sp. n., E. (A.) arduella Kaila sp. n., E. (A.) gibbera Kaila sp. n., E. (A.) chamaea Kaila sp. n., E. (A.) acutella Kaila sp. n. and E. (Elachista) devexella Kaila sp. n. Four species are reported for the first time from Europe and illustrated: Perittia sibirica Sinev, Elachista (Hemiprosopa) altaica (Sinev), E. (E.) megagnathos Sruoga and E. (E.) baikalica Kaila. The previously unknown female of E. megagnathos is described. Fourteen species are reported as new to Russia. Further illustrations and notes on some poorly known species are given.

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