Abstracts of Volume 20 Number 3, 2009

Tang, L., Zhao, Y.-L. & Puthz, V. 2009: Brachypterous Stenus species (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Steninae) from West-Central China. - Entomol. Fennica 20: 191-199.

Five new brachypterous species belonging to the genus Stenus Latreille are described from Taibaishan Nature Reserve, Shaanxi Prov., West-Central China: S. (Hypostenus) hui Tang & Puthz sp. n., S. (Hemistenus) alioventralis Tang & Puthz sp. n., S. (Hemistenus) fortunatoris Tang & Puthz sp. n., S. (Hemistenus) taibaishanus Tang & Puthz sp. n. and S. (Hypostenus) nigriceps Tang & Puthz sp. n.