Abstracts of Volume 20 Number 4, 2009

Baran, T. 2009: The immature stages of Elachista zonulae (Sruoga, 1992) (Lepidoptera: Elachistidae). - Entomol. Fennica 20: 239-244.

The morphology of larva and pupa, as well as larval mines of Elachista zonulae (Sruoga, 1992) are described and illustrated for the first time. Carex firma Host is reported as a new host plant of the species; previously only Carex sempervirens Vill. was known to be host plant of E. zonulae. Some information on life history of this elachistid moth is also provided. The mature larva is 4.5-5.5 mm long. Pupation takes place usually at base of leaf blade of the food plant. The species is univoltine and hibernates as young larva.